Kanji: -
Romaji: -
Others: Fake Guardian
Age: -
Gender: Male
Occupation: -
Debut (Manga): Chapter 30

Chou is one of the soldiers from the secret military base.



Chou is the major character who beat up Ozuma and Kosukegawa. This had him the first target to be captured for an apology. He fights against Mikiri in his room and the rules are he Chou can't any of firearms (since its to noisy), but he can use anything else. Chou then throws a beer bottle at Mikiri and grabs a knife to stab her with. Chou can't since, Mikiri steals his knife with her feet. Getting more furious by the second, he obtains a larger knife and tries again to stab Mikiri. Chou is disarmed again and Mikiri's uses her Judo to make him pass out.

He's carried off and seen by his teammates, who find his capture an opportunity to shoot his capturers. Chou is tied up with a special tape Botan brought and put under her watch.


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