Genichirou Kosukegawa
Kanji: 小介川 源一郎
Romaji: Kosukegawa Genichirou
Others: -
Age: -
Gender: Male
Occupation: -
Debut (Manga): Chapter 24 (Mentioned)
Ginga (Great Granddaughter)

Teruharu Kosukegawa (Great Grandson)

Genichirou Kosukegawa is the great grandfather of Teruharu Kosukegawa.


Genichirou was thought to have died in the war, but it turns out he survived. Genichirou ended on Gada Island and stayed there, because he was severly injured. He then started a family and genarations later, his great grandaughter, Ginga was born. This information wouldn't be found out, until Ginga shows Genichirou's knife to the Kosukegawa family, thus giving her a right to stay at their home in Japan.


His fighting ability is unknown, since he was only metioned once.

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