Kanji: -
Romaji: -
Others: -
Age: -
Gender: Male
Occupation: -
Debut (Manga): Chapter 30

Kee is soldier who is under Ralph's command. He is one of the soldiers from the secret military base.


At first it would seem Kee was the most level headed of his group urging his members to not hurt Kosukegawa and his friends. That had reason, since doing that would cause him and his team trouble.

It is later revealed that Kee isn't sane at all and enjoys fighting and killing seeing it as a game of manhut. He doesn't care or value his comrades lives, and was only upset that without them Kee wouldn't have enough people to complete his mission. Near the end of his battle his patince and logical thinking slips and he tells Fujiko that she has "runined" him.



As a soldier Kee has experience and training on the battlefield. Kee also shown to use firearms as his primary weapon.

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