Romaji: -
Others: -
Age: -
Gender: Female
Occupation: Ninja
Debut (Manga): Chapter 54

Moegi works for the Soe Clan and is Sora's master.

Plot Edit

She is seen discussing with Sakura Gettou about a mission that involves covering about some issue and lying to the media. She suggests to her that she be Hifumi's training partner. When the two fight she reveals that Sora is her disciple and that she is not upset about Sora's being hospilized from facing black, since Sora had the resolve to kill Motoko.

When Kosukegawa, Hino, and Ginga intrude the Soe Clan estate Moegi battles against Ginga. She loses the battle as she underestimated that Ginga would react with pain to the rock hitting her forehead (Moegi weapon was a sock with a rock in it).

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